New Year's Fire January 1 2004


Icy Fire Truck
A photo shot in the early morning of January 2nd of a firetruck iced into Main Street after a long battle with the blaze.

Moose Jaw was dealt a harsh blow on the morning of January 1, 2004 when several historic buildings on Main Street were completely destroyed by fire.

The freezing temperatures and wind hindered the firemen's attempts to douse the blaze which ended up destroying 7 businesses before it was finished.

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An Icy Alley

An Icy Sidewalk

Back Alley

De-icing A Transformer

An Icy Corner

The Battle Continues

An Icy Tree

Early In The Morning


Main Street

View On Main Street

Watching For Flareups

The Corner

The National Cafe

I did not arrive on the scene until the following morning due to the fact that I was at work on the night shift, however there are photos of the entire event located on the Discover Moose Jaw Website here.